A craft weekend with friends

I love it when we get together with our friends for a weekend of crafting, eating and merriment. Food is prepped in advance so as little time as possible is spent in the kitchen so we can get as much crafting done as possible.

These cheese and marmite rolls were a hit with everyone I will definitely make those again soon.
P1400370There was plenty of cake for snacks to keep up our staying power.
P1400371Just as well because sculpting with chicken wire can be quite exhausting, it’s more physical than I expected, my hands did play up a bit and I have a few war wounds from the wire.
P1400372Here are the finished ducks, I’m really pleased with mine, she’s the one nearest the fire.

P1400375 While we chilled out in the evening Jean and I put our heads together to try and suss out a crochet pattern that wasn’t that easy to follow, we got there in the end, I think I pulled mine out at least 3 times.
P1400376We left the chaps painting watercolours while we did some photo printing on textiles.

P1400384Then we headed to the studio for our own version of the Pottery Throwdown. Two of us had never been on a wheel before, and two of us had had a couple of goes but none of us were ‘experts’ as you can see.   It was a lot of fun though and we all managed to get a pot of some description.


P1400378The ‘Best Pot’ category was won by Tom, who had never thrown before, I wish I had a photo of his trimmed pot but I seem to have forgotten.

I can’t wait until we have another crafty weekend get together, hopefully sometime soon.


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