Throwing progress and March in review

This month has flown over, I’m really loving learning to throw pots, I think I should have got a wheel a long time ago.

Today was a special day as my very first thrown pots were glaze fired yesterday, it seemed to take ages before the kiln was cool enough to open.

This is OH’s birthday present, I promised him a cereal bowl.

P1400616I made him a beaker as well, it’s a beaker because my attempt a pulling a handle was absolute rubbish.


I’m going to use this one for mixing salad dressing


This one with the lip was my very first wheel thrown piece, these are rather chunky so I gave them a grey granite glaze which works rather well. I will be using this one for things like mint sauce.

P1400619I think this is my favourite so far.P1400622This is the largest one from my first batch, it’s a bit wonky but the glaze enhances it don’t you think?

P1400625These are recent makes still drying out, I have managed to go a lot thinner.

P1400615Yesterday I decided to try out some different clay that was lying around , it’s heavily grogged and probably too rough to use for food, the plan was to make some tapas dishes, I might have to order some new clay but these will get used in the studio for storing stuff.

P1400612And this is a porcelain bowl that I threw this morning , just to see what it felt like to throw. It will need quite a bit of trimming, I didn’t want to fiddle with it in case it collapsed.


I am really enjoying throwing, I prefer doing it standing up, I think I need to try and throw something taller , that might be easier sitting at the wheel, but that’s the beauty of having a tabletop wheel. Also I need to re think the studio layout and probably move my painting stuff indoors as there’s too much dust out there now.

So what else have I made this month? Not much as I’ve had family here, but my duck that I made when my friend came over has made it into the garden.

P1400611And I’ve painted some tiles which I’m off to frame up right now.P1400629My plan for April is to continue practicing throwing, but also work on some surface decoration techniques bringing some of what I do already into my new work.


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4 Responses to Throwing progress and March in review

  1. Francoise BRIQUET says:

    Bravo, that was a very busy month

  2. Leni Strong says:

    What fun for you- love your dishes, paintings and enjoy your beautiful scenery!!

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