So what have I been up to in April?

Between getting gallery stock made, updating Etsy and some changes around the house I haven’t had a great deal of time for making much.

You know how one change leads to another, then you have a whole chain of things that seem to swallow up all your time. Well that’s how it’s been recently. I did manage to have a lovely few days away too.

I have been out in the studio today, the sun is shining and it feels like summer is finally on it’s way. I have blackbirds nesting in my bay tree and the swallows are checking out under the porch so there may be some building work going on there soon.

I noticed the apple blossom today, it looks just perfect, but it won’t last long.

I have reorganised the studio too, I got a little table from IKEA to put my wheel on, and some drawers on wheels to act as my glazing station. I’m showing you how it looks when it’s tidy, it doesn’t look so tidy now, clay is so messy to work with.
P1410451These bisque pieces are waiting to be glazed and fired.
P1410450These are pieces  I threw yesterday, I can see an improvement.

I’m totally hooked on working with clay, I should have done this years ago. I have decided to give up on some crafts that I used to do but have now taken a back seat, I will be selling off some stuff to make space for my ceramic work. I need to get going and have a good declutter soon.

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