Creative time with friends

Some good karma came back at me last week, aren’t these flowers gorgeous. Also our friends came over for a few days, I love our time spent together.


P1440062The weather was set fair so we did our planned firings first, saggar pots were prepared in the usual way, a couple had some copper sulphate instead of ferric chloride.

raku kiln

We got some interesting effects, the whiter ones have the copper sulphate on them. saggar fired ceramics

The raku firing had mixed results, Tom’s pot  came out the best with some lovely copper oil slick colours. toms raku

And a lovely green and copper insideraku bowlThese  pots were less successful, I have put it down to the old glazes which I reconstituted, they started cracking off before the bowls even got into the kiln. The green glaze was a new one and gave much better results. However there were some lovely colours on these pots so I think the firing process was probably ok.
raku glazesWe sat and waxed up our pots over a glass of wine, the wax brings out the colours
saggar potsThere are some interesting green areas on the copper sulphate pot, I think I might try a saturated solution next time.

copper sulphate saggar potsWe had worked hard and felt quite hungry, I made a tapas style meal served in my little bowls, it’s the first time they have all been used together. Do you remember the salad bowl that I made, and we had berries from the berry bowl for pudding.

tapas bowlsJean makes the most adorable needle felted animals , this is her dog collection, after dinner we set to work making a little terrier, maybe we were tired or had too much wine, mine eventually started looking more like a hare, which is what I hope it will turn into one day but I have put it to one side for now, my mind is on pots……Needle felted dogs……lots and lots of pots, I have started making a dinner set so we can eat off my dishes next time friends come over. More about that in another post.

4 thoughts on “Creative time with friends

  1. Carol Korros

    Beautiful pots Jill.Yours are very unique compared to those that I see in this area. I love raku pots and am building my collection, much to my husband’s dismay. Thanks for sharing your experiments with us; I can’t wait to see what’s next.

    1. eganj1 Post author

      Thanks Carol I have waited a long time to do some more raku, I have new glazes on order so hopefully some fine weather will come and I can fire some pots soon.


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