July review, mountains climbed

And so another month has flown by, it seems I have shown most of my makes this month already, but there is something going on.

I have continued building on my meditation technique and I feel I’ve made a breakthrough. I know meditation is about letting go, allowing the mind to go blank. However it’s not so easy to do in practice, thoughts do come and go. What I find really interesting is how these thoughts relate to my creative self.

I have a metaphor for how I see the way my creative mind works, it’s a pin table. The ball, the ideas that bounce around my head, the bell sounds and the lights flash with an idea, then I bounce off onto another idea. It can be quite exhausting, and that’s how I came to meditation in the first place, I was starting to feel stressed. Now I realise I need to slow the pace of creative thinking down a bit and spend more time with each idea.

Remember I climbed a real mountain this month, I’d been putting off going up Scafell Pike for so long, I didn’t think I could do it, but it was actually much easier than I thought. Climbing this mountain has helped me with a creative mountain, and so I started throwing a dinner set.

I want 8 place settings so I decided to make 10 of everything as some might be lost along the way. I have wanted to do this since I got the wheel but it seemed too big a mountain for me to climb.

Ten bowls and 10 mugs thrown.
P1440070Plates, drying nicely, these are slab rolled and finished on the wheel.

P1440067This morning’s meditation has left me with a clear vision of where I’m heading, I realise that everything I do and love influences my work. So where am I heading?

I will tell you later 🙂



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