A trip to Ennerdale show


The sun decided to shine on us so we headed off to Ennerdale show. I love country shows, Ennerdale show has a particularly intimate feel, nestled between the fells in one of my favourite places.


There were vintage cars on show

And vintage tractorsP1440908

Steam engines, this steam butter churn was my favourite.

P1440903We stood in the sunshine watching the different categories of horses and ponies being judged.


P1440919P1440947They really put them through their paces

P1440911Next we went to look at the livestock, the Herdwick sheep are my favourite. They were brought here by the Vikings.
P1440934They look so cuddly

P1440940Then the fowl, love this fluffy one.P1440924And Jemima
P1440922We found the perfect vantage point for our picnic on top of this hillock.

P1440952It was a great place to sit and watch the fell races, those runners must be incredibly fit.

P1440970We missed the start of the hound trail but we did see the finish. The trail is an aniseed one, this sport is taken very seriously in Cumbria.
P1440967Then it was time for the Cumberland wrestling so we headed back to the showground to get a better view. This is the juniors bout.

P1440975Then a couple of guys from the contingent from Brittany.
P1440978The wrestlers faces were so full of expression
P1440981The moves were entertaining, each bout started and ended with a handshake, and it was the best of 3 bouts for each pair of wrestlers.

P1440991The ladies from Brittany

P1440988The final bout, the guy in blue had fought several rounds, this was the bigger guy’s first bout. There was quite a size difference, Jan from Brittany won but John gave him a good run for it.
P1450004Country shows are a great day out and each has it’s unique appeal, there’s always something different to see. It’s something that brings the local community together, there were competitions for art and craft, vegetables, baking etc in the marquees.

It’s a great British tradition, I had a great day out.


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2 Responses to A trip to Ennerdale show

  1. Laney says:

    Zwarbles are my favourite sheep with Herdwicks being a close second ☺ looks like a great day out ☺

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