Deep joy opening the kiln…….but……

It was deep joy indeed when I opened the kiln on Friday, however I soon realised I need to keep better notes. I must remember to write stuff down.

It’s been weeks since I glazed these vases, it was the second time for glazing as the first time round the colours didn’t run and merge together. These are Botz stoneware glazes which I layered up and also gave them a coat of a Botz product called Brilliant Effect, this makes the glazes run and gives some lovely effects.

I realised I’d not applied it thick enough the first time these pots were fired so I reapplied glazes and BF and fired again. Result!


P1450652I love making these little pouring bowls and I love the way this one has turned out, it has some pinholes so I may decide to fire it again. I love the effect on this pot but here lies the problem.

P1450653I forgot to write down the glaze combinations for each pot, I know there’s turquoise granite on this little pourer, and I know the glaze combinations are based on the tests I did for my dinner set but which is which?

Here’s the test tiles again to compare.

botzI think I can safely say this little thistle vase is number 3. Creme and Ice Crystal, the only reason I remember is because my daughter liked this one best.


I really don’t know what this one is.P1450665

I suspect this is number 1. which was my favourite, Creme, Turquoise Granite and Blue Black Speckle. It’s a gorgeous vibrant blue, with white green and turquoise runs.P1450669

So in future I need to write things down, the memory is not what it used to be .

I think I have made my mind up finally for the dinner set , I’m going to glaze with Blue Black Speckle ( as I thought I would ), it’s giving consistent results, I like the colour and the satin look. Here’s another serving bowl which came out the kiln on Friday, I do like the way the BBS glaze has broken on my ribbed dish. Also if I keep adding to my set if I use a glaze straight out of the pot I should get consistent results each time, so Blue Black Speckle is a winner!


I’m just about up to date with my work so hopefully the dinner set glazing should commence next week 🙂

2 thoughts on “Deep joy opening the kiln…….but……

  1. Laney

    I love your glaze posts all the colours are so soft and soothing yet bright and vibrant, you make even me want to have ‘kitchen ware’ and that is something considering the kitchen is an alien planet for me!


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