A close encounter of the best kind

When we were out walking the other day we almost stumbled over this very fine creature.
I have had close encounters with hares before but usually, if I have a camera with me they run off before I can get a good picture.

A hare will instinctively to sit very still to avoid being taken by predators. Once I managed to get quite close up and personal with 4 leverets but I didn’t have my camera with me that day. Today I was ready as I’d been photographing the view.
I took quite a few photos and inched my way closer and closer to the hare, but it was sitting very still so all my photos are much the same.
I crept up as close as I could, about 6 feet away. Then off he went, light a lightening bolt.
P1450153Hares are one of my favourite creatures so you can guess what I painted when I got back home.


6 thoughts on “A close encounter of the best kind

  1. Laney

    Wow Jill another stunning painting but gorgeous inspirational photos 😀 I am loving watching the bunnies in the woods near me but as yet no hare 😉

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