Circular walk to the Druids Temple

At this time of year it’s lovely to walk down quiet country lanes, there’s so much to see. I’ve never walked in this part of Yorkshire before so everything was new to me.

P1460361The route took us past the river Burn.

P1460365The dark waters reflecting a pale blue grey sky and the contrast between water and foliage gave me a buzz.


Also the linear quality of the treesP1460369

With leaves floating on the surface of the water.P1460371When you walk quiet country lanes you can get quite close up and personal with nature, we saw more pheasants than I could count, lots of small birds including a flock of at least a dozen bullfinches, this was the highlight of my day, I’ve never seen more than a pair before.

P1460395We arrived at the folly which is the Druid’s Temple, commissioned by William Danby of the Swinton Estate. It was built in the 1820 to provide work for the locals, an interesting and unusual place.


P1460417I love the way nature make it’s home in the nooks and crannies and on the stone itself.P1460418


P1460438We walked through the woodland.P1460449Leighton reservoir and Ilton Moor.

P1460446More follies.P1460452Animal tracks, I think these are deer.P1460454Skeins of geese.P1460473A ford to cross, fortunately there was a footbridge.P1460477Beautiful mighty beech trees with gnarly roots.P1460489Lovely textures of Autumn.P1460492As well as the colours of the season.P1460499Swinton Park looked rather impressive with its country club, spa, restaurant, and cookery school but I don’t think we would be welcome in our muddy boots.

P1460502So we headed on to the lovely town of Masham for lunch.

P1460506And a visit to the brewery


P1460508For a well earned pint of Theakstons Old Peculier and a rest


Before heading back via Ripon RowelP1460513

To Fearby, a lovely quiet Yorkshire village.P1460522

5 thoughts on “Circular walk to the Druids Temple

    1. eganj1 Post author

      I don’t live in Yorkshire now but I did live there for a few years. It’s a wonderful and diverse county. I love going back.

  1. Chatelainecreations

    Oh wow that old druid stone circle is fabulous… I love it. The leaves are gorgeous as well as the dark river. Cor.. old peculiar is a powerful beer!! Looks a lovely place to visit. Enjoy your break xx

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