A week of finishing off and preparation

Not much to blog about this week, it’s been one of preparation to get ahead and finishing off stuff.

I’m thinking about my spring events, I made a list ( I love making lists) of what stock I have left and also what I need to make.

It’s mostly been about bisque firing this week, I now have bowls ready to raku glaze when the weather picks up and OH is feeling up to helping with the gas bottle.
P1480979I also bisqued some raku leaves, and 3 bowls of beads and another of pendants, but I forgot to get a photo of those when I was out in the studio.

I brought my work into the house this week and made these hearts hares and wrens, the studio is just too cold, hopefully I can work out there in the next few days as having the kilns on every day has warmed the place up a bit.
P1480980And I made an effort to finish my tunic, I thought if I didn’t get it finished soon I wouldn’t be wearing it much ’til next winter . Now I have a problem with buttons, I made some red ones but they aren’t the right colour, so I’m going to use a contrasting glaze and make some that are sort of a metallic pewter colour. Fingers crossed. x

P1480983Now I’m heading off to clean the very messy studio so I can glaze beads next week. I’m starting another online course next week for 3 weeks so you can see my need for organisation. I hope to work in the morning and do my course in the afternoons. I’m really looking forward to Drawing for Textiles  with Dionne Swift.

I feel as I’m getting older it is even more important to me to learn new things.

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