One year on.

What a week it’s been, we haven’t had as much snow as most parts of the UK but it is bitterly cold, and I did experience an earthquake at the start of the week.

I’ve had my wheel for a year now, doesn’t time fly? Thought I would look back through my photos to see how I’ve progressed. This was my first little pot, it’s not great but I’m attached to it, I use it for mixing salad dressing.

P1400367I’ve come to realise I don’t want to throw pots that look perfect, that’s for machine made, but I do want to be skilled enough to be able to throw a perfect pot.

I want my handmade pots to always show the hand of the maker in some way, and these ‘imperfections’ are marks of identity showing the process and the hand of the maker, it says “that pot was made by me”!

P1490311These are my most recent bowls, I had hoped to have them glazed by now but the weather has prevented me doing so.


I hope you are not having too many snow related problems where you are, I’m spending my time by the log burner as our central heating boiler has given up. Stay warm folks!

8 thoughts on “One year on.

  1. Laney

    that is a great collection of pots 😀 I agree, I like to see the small blemishes that mean it was made with love. Stay warm x

  2. Chatelainecreations

    Love your pots…. they are definitely you I love the way to leave them ‘not perfect’ 😊😊😊
    Oh and if you have a condensing boiler (that means it heats the water as you want it) the outlet pipe may have frozen up if it runs outside. (My hubbie is a gas engineer)😊😊😊

    1. eganj1 Post author

      Hi Elaine, thanks for your comments
      It is a condensing boiler but not a frozen pipe problem unfortunately.The man said it’s some pipe inside that divides the hot water system from the heating system, or something like that. Hopefully he will have the part soon.

  3. CS Art photo

    You are always an inspiration. my first wheel classes 7 total started last August Sept. then got a small travel wheel. Im hoping to get one of my teachers rebuilt ones soon. also doing handbuilding and china painting too. Hope you get to warm up soon, I got sun burnt in Florida this weekend. so not as cold as you 😉

    1. eganj1 Post author

      Hi Cookie, thanks for your comments. I haven’t had any lessons, things might have been easier and quicker if I had but couldn’t find anywhere locally. I’m throwing right handed as that’s all I could fine on Youtube.
      Send some sunshine our way, we could use some 🙂


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