Another Place – Crosby

I have wanted to see the Anthony Gormley work ‘Another Place’ for a while. Having done the day tripper thing in Liverpool during the day we decided to visit Crosby early evening. This was a good call as it was the hottest day of the year, and a bank holiday, so the beach would have been crowded earlier on.


There are 100 life size cast iron statues all looking out to sea. Some were buried in the sand, others were up to their necks in water. I liked the way our shadows became a part of the installation.


I was a good time to go as the sunlight played on the sea but it would be great to see them at sunset.

IMG_0770I liked seeing silhouettes of real people alongside the statues.

IMG_0775I can’t  decide if the wind turbines add or take away something

IMG_0780It was the perfect way to wind down after the hustle and bustle of Liverpool


A peacful end to a wonderful day.


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6 Responses to Another Place – Crosby

  1. Love it…. I quite like the wind turbines in the background xx

  2. alysen55 says:

    These statues must be AMAZING to see in person!! Are they nude? Is that necklace just for photo? Saving this post and putting this on my list of must-sees. Thanks for the glimpse. I like the wind turbines too, shows us that some ecological steps are being taken ….

    • eganj1 says:

      Hi Alysen, yes they are nude, the necklace was hanging there, I wonder if someone found it and hung it there. If you haven’t already seen Anthony Gormley’s Angel of the North then have a Google, It’s amazing too

      • alysen55 says:

        Just had a gander at his Angel and it’s spectacular! I read about the conception too, it/she? celebrated 20 years just this year. The wings remind me of airplane wings but the artist makes no reference to that.

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