Eco Printing Progress – Part 2

Following on from my last post about my adventure with eco printing I said I’d show some of my finished work, those that I found most pleasing are going into my Etsy shop. I have so many to mount it may take some time to finish and list them all.

These are the square ones , I’m still waiting for the mounts for the rectangular ones.

Some are dark and rich, others quite light and delicate but I would happily hang them all in my house if I had enough wall space.

I do need to get better photos for Etsy, when it’s not such a bright day.















There’s a lot more to follow, and I have ideas for other mordants, and monoprinting and stitching on top, and there’s fabric to try too.

Maybe I should open another shop? 🙂

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6 Responses to Eco Printing Progress – Part 2

  1. Delicate yet not wishy-washy – these are stunning!!

  2. alysen55 says:

    Oooh Awesome! So organic looking, one can see 2 or 3 different interpretations in each print.

  3. They are all beautiful Jill 😊😊😊

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