Norway cruise – Olden

Olden was my favourite place that we visited, maybe a bit of sunshine helped but it looked like we were in The Sound Of Music.

5 things I liked about Olden

  1. Sailing up Nord Fjord
  2. The delightful village of Olden, and the buildings.
  3. The turquoise water of Lovnat Lake
  4. Kjenndalen Glacier
  5. The people of Olden and the amazing send off they gave the ship, playing Rod Stewart, I am Sailing, and flag waving from their houses, it made me feel very emotional. I have a video I will put on my Facebook page.













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5 Responses to Norway cruise – Olden

  1. What gorgeous scenery Jill.. such beauty! Not so sure about the boat but love where they go and what you see!! 😊😊

    • eganj1 says:

      Elaine I was very unsure about going on a cruise as I have felt queasy on ferries but it was fine, even with a 12 foot swell. I have had a problem getting my land legs back, today is the first day I haven’t been swaying about.

  2. Ha ha….. I’m sure… do you sway when you get off the boat to visit the places too? 😊😊😊 I would so live to do this type of trip.😐

  3. eganj1 says:

    I did feel I was moving when I got off the ship, but it seemed worse at home.😁😁😁

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