Eco printing on fabric

The next step in my eco printing journey was to try printing on fabric. I collected some plant material from my garden


Laid it out on some cotton fabric.


Rolled it tightly around a piece of plastic pipe.


Then put it in the pot with my mordant solution.


After boiling for 45 minutes it was turned over and boiled for another 45 minutes.


I have to say I think I need a new mordant solution, this one was getting pretty yukky. It’s  just as well you can’t  smell it.

After rinsing off I hung it over the fence to dry.


I thought the results were a little disappointing, but after ironing some subtle marks revealed themselves.

I think it’s hard to get good contact between the foliage and the fabric in a roll.P1500429





P1500431This was the outside of the bundle, you can see the colours are different and you can clearly see where the string was. That’s something to remember in future.


Next I tried some flat fabric layered up between two tiles as I would do for paper. It’s the same mordant, which is definitely past it’s best.

Some very subtle leaf shapes.


You can just make out the fern frond.


Rose leaf halo effect, I quite like this.


The same rose leaves giving dark shapes on another piece in the same pot.


I must get some new mordants and explore further, but now I’m thinking what can do with these pieces of fabric, ideas welcome?

3 thoughts on “Eco printing on fabric

  1. alysen55

    What a simple?, straightforward process. I’m interested to see what your fresh mordant produces, though the subtle, almost jacquard effects are nice … Would they stay the same after a wash and dry with detergent? I think they’d make nice napkins or the base for embroidery designs. Oh, nice neighbors too!

  2. eganj1 Post author

    Ha ha, I do love my neighbours. I will throw my fabric into the household wash. I have been contemplating what to do with the fabric and eco charcoal bags are on my mind. More later:)


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