The Thread That Binds Us – Memories of Oban Artwork

Following on from my last post about our holiday in Oban and the Inner Hebrides, I wanted to make a reminder of our trip as this was a special holiday, we had our 40th wedding anniversary and my 60th while we were there, and also you already know how much we love the place.

While we were there, out on our walks I gathered some leaves, twigs, lichens, stones, shells etc as a reminder of our days out. I know the day I picked up the lichen from the woodland floor was the day the roe deer came to visit us on the beach. The seaweed and the piece of slate came from Luing, which was the day the otters didn’t show up. The limpets from Mull remind me we couldn’t get on the first ferry to Iona and had to wait….etc.

The challenge was finding a way to put the pieces together, and as I’m experimenting with eco dyeing at the moment that’s were I started. As always some things printed better than others, the oak leaves from the wood printed well, so did the berries and honeysuckle from the car park in Oban.

Once printed I wondered how to go next, I thought of a book but knew I would probably never open it.

I decided to make a picture; I was thinking of how myself and OH have become connected to this area over the years, both of us enjoying the outdoors, but also learning from each other. OH loves the geology and the topography, and my main interest are flora and fauna, also the beauty of the landscape. So he informs me the slate has iron pyrites crystals and I pointed out the sea eagle, we make a great team.

So knowing how we are connected to this place I had the idea of stitching to represent the ‘thread that binds us’.

Some of the found items were hand stitched to the paper.

Now all I need is a frame, it’s not mounted in this photo so the squares will be in straight lines when it is. 🙂
I intend making a ‘memory key’; a plan of the squares to attach to the back, with plant names, where they were found and memories of that day written in each square.

This piece is destined to become our of our treasures.


11 thoughts on “The Thread That Binds Us – Memories of Oban Artwork

  1. alysen55

    Happy Belated Anniversary & Birthday if I didn’t do it before!
    Marvy idea! All the colors go superb together. A hand made souvenir of souvenirs is always a special and favorite piece (of art, in this case) … and if not, should be!!

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