Framing up woes

Sometimes I think it would be easier to find a frame then make the art to go in it.

I finally got round to framing some eco prints with a nice oak veneer frame from the Range, they come with a 3 aperture mount.


I have searched the internet to find a box frame for The Thread That Binds Us. To have an oak one custom made is really quite expensive so I put that idea out of my head and got a bare pine one from The Range, I looked to see what Ikea had but there wasn’t anything suitable.

The bare wood frame needed staining, fortunately I had a dark gel stain left from another project, having stained it up I tried it over my picture but it’s not quite right to me, I have a white frame that would be suitable but I’m not really sure that looks right, I still have a hankering for oak.

So I thought I’d ask your opinion, which do you prefer?

The stained one

IMG_2006You will have to imagine how the oak will look

IMG_2003Or the white wood one?


I also tried black but a box frame in black is too heavy looking.

The jury is still out on this, maybe grey would work, maybe I should keep looking but please let me know what you think, I need your input folks 🙂

9 thoughts on “Framing up woes

  1. Helen

    Inlove that piece. I think either the oak or the white would be good – not the stained one. Or a grey to pick up the greys in the fabric might be good… or even a soft mustard…

  2. Sue Reynolds

    I think the stained is too dark. What about using a coloured wax on the white frame to give it a little more verve?

  3. Laney

    actually I rather like the pine one too… ummmm… the stained one brings out the darker lines in the pieces but the pine one does hold it all together….

  4. eganj1 Post author

    I searched the internet and eventually found an affordable light oak box frame so I ordered one. It will match my furnishings 🙂

  5. Chatelainecreations

    I liked the dark stained one myself i thought it brought out the dark accents in your work but the oak one is nice too. Definitely not the white they just disappear and it does nothing to frame them… but that’s just my opinion Jill. Xxx

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