There’s a change in the air so I need to make pots!

This past week the weather has turned, we have had plenty of rain and it’s back to dull Autumnal weather with sunny spells.
I’m not complaining though, my beloved fells need water to green them up, although it’s almost time for the bracken to turn bronze again. I love the changing seasons.
I did have plans this summer to throw as much as I could and bisque fire so it was there to glaze during the cooler months. This also doubles up in heating the studio making it more inviting to work in when it’s horrible weather.

Who would have thought the weather would be so good this summer? However having so many family celebrations, and travelling quite a bit meant the pots didn’t get made.

So this week it has been back to work in order to catch up. At least we can raku fire responsibly as there is little risk of a field catching fire now since all the rain came down.

I have been making leaves which are drying nicely.

Raku leaves drying

I have lots of bowls waiting to be glazed too, so as you read this I am probably tucked up in the studio listening to Bad Company (my music of choice when doing clay work)  a brush and a pot of glaze to hand.


While I was tidying up this morning I was thinking about what to make next. I have to think of something inspired by swirls for the Art Elements challenge. I have a couple of ideas but nothing is shouting out at me.  Also I would like some dinner plates for Christmas so it’s time to try again, hoping they don’t crack this time. Then there is another bag of raku clay to throw, and my kitchenware pouring bowls are in demand. Told you there was lots of catching up to do…….

5 thoughts on “There’s a change in the air so I need to make pots!

  1. alysen55

    Love those leaves! Sounds like you have buyers too. And it’s wise to plan by the weather.
    Before I moved to France in the early 90s I lived in So. California, where I was born and raised. The obvious change of seasons (read Winter) drove me crazy and into mild depression. Then we built a house and I had a garden to plan. I learned how to embrace the seasons and plan life accordingly.

    1. eganj1 Post author

      It’s good to embrace the seasons, there is always something beautiful to behold but the long dark nights really wear me down, especially since energy saving light bulbs were invented.

  2. Chatelainecreations

    Oh wow lots to get on with…. we should knock the good weather but it was a bit too hot for me. Great for working outside, things dry quickly but it was a bit too much!!! So keep cracking on with lots of lovely clay goodies 😊😊😊

    1. eganj1 Post author

      Yes I am plodding on. I threw another bag of clay today. I need to get glazing next week. Weather wise it’s been all or nothing, since the start of August it’s been like Autumn here.


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