Out and about in Sorrento

I was planning on posting some new raku pieces today but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

We were in Italy last week, I had planned some work for my return, I got lots of bisque firing done so I could finish the glaze firing when I got home. What I didn’t plan on was catching a virus and feeling rotten, so not much work has been achieved this week.

We had an amazing time so I thought I’d share some photos over the next couple of posts, and hopefully they will be interspersed with some new work posts too.

I have wanted to go to Sorrento since I got my first job at 17 but my friend had to cancel so we didn’t go.

First thing I usually do on holiday is head for the sea. This is Marina Piccolo, just to confuse it’s the larger harbour.

Sorrento 2018

Vesuvius dominates every view along the coastline.

Sorrento 2018

There’s a lot of steps down, but there is a lift too.

Sorrento 2018

Next it was time to explore the streets, once you leave Corso Italia the streets become very narrow, very bustling and vibrant with beautiful small shops offering passers by samples of lemoncello, chocolates and biscuits. There are gorgeous leather shops, and the cake shops can’t be ignored, cannoli and lemon delice were my favourites.

Sorrento 2018

These narrow streets, called ‘The Drains’ were laid out by the Romans.

Sorrento 2018

Sorrento 2018

Sorrento 2018

In the evening everything takes on quite a different look

Sorrento 2018

With lots of al fresco dining.

Sorrento 2018

Intarsia woodwork, such intricate work.

Sorrento 2018

This restaurant is well named, it was certainly a favourite of ours. Owned by the same family since 1868, it’s famous for being the place where cannelloni was invented.

Sorrento 2018

It may not look much from the curb but it’s a rabbit warren inside , and it has the most beautiful garden where you can dine amongst the lemon trees.

Sorrento 2018

Of course we had to try the cannelloni 🙂

Sorrento 2018

I think you could spend at least a week exploring Sorrento, finding new places.

Sorrento 2018

It took us ’til the end of the week to discover Marina Grande, the old (small 🙂 ) fishing harbour where I watched the fishermen unloading a catch.

Sorrento 2018

And whenever I’m at the coast I have to look for inspiration and have a paddle. I will show my inspiration pix in another post later.


Enjoy your Sunday.

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2 Responses to Out and about in Sorrento

  1. alysen55 says:

    Lovely pix, thx for the virtual visit. Can’t wait to see the next one.Sorrento was a port on our cruise (Costa), and I couldn’t look out the window when the bus made those hairpin turns!! A charming city, Italy is my fave Euro country, tho we do live in France.(I guess I’m a traitor :)). The hubs is half Italian, so he’s able to communicate and translate when there. I just love Italian food, the people, the weather, the language ….and, like you, the Sea.

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