More Raku Ceramics

I’m still adding raku pieces to my Etsy shop, I thought you might like a look too.

I have to say I’m like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to my raku pieces, I find myself just standing staring at them, I could happily keep them all.

There have been some gorgeous leaves, click on the images to find out more.
raku leaf

copper leaves wall art

raku leaf

This one has some amazing colours. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a video of this one.

leaf wall art

And here’s a selection of my raku bowls and ring dishes.

raku pots

green copper raku bowl

raku ceramic bowls

Raku bowl

heart ring dish

This one will be difficult to part with, the inside reminds me of a starry sky and the outside looks like a landscape.
landscape bowl

raku bowl

raku bowl

I do get to keep some, my cracked pot collection is growing. Every cloud and all that 🙂

Raku bowls from Kiln Fired Art

Enjoy your day 🙂

2 thoughts on “More Raku Ceramics

  1. alysen55

    First …. I didn’t know that one could link a picture to a webpage. We have Blogspot and I will check it out!!!
    Second, I think I’ve said it before, but I LOVE the effects of Raku.
    Third, going over to your link and pondering about Xmas presents. Do you ship to France?

    1. eganj1 Post author

      Thank you for your comments. It’ easy on WordPress to link to a picture. If I click on the photo where the edit pencil is a box comes up with information about the photo, here I put the alternative name that may come up in searches, and there is a link to where I have my image on Flickr, I change the link to my Etsy shop or wherever I want to. I only have free WordPress so I can’t directly upload lots of images that’s why I put them on flickr then share to WP.
      I love raku, well everything but smelling like a bonfire and having to wear a mask. But I love techniques where there is an element of surprise, and with raku you never quite know what you will get.
      Yes I do ship overseas. 🙂


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