Eco printing on silk

My fish kettle arrived so I was keen to try it out for eco printing . I bought some broom handles and cut them to the right length. I found plastic pipe would collapse when it was steamed.

UntitledThere aren’t many leaves about now but a lovely lady sent me some vine leaves to experiment with so I was keen to try them, especially the purple ones, I know cotinus gives a lovely purple print so I was hoping these would do the same.  Also I had picked up a bag full of leaves on the way to the shops the other day, I might be getting a reputation as the village mad woman. The mix included oak, beech and sycamore leaves, and fortunately my garden is full of geraniums so plenty of those leaves which print very well.

Here’s some closeups of my new silk scarves which are now in my Etsy shop

Eco printsilk scarvesI love the element of serendipity involved with eco printing, opening the bundle is like Christmas morning. Look at the detail and colour on this vine leaf, I love the way the colour has bled, just like a watercolour.

silk scarf with leavesGeraniums, (that’s cranesbill, not pelargonium) are my favourite leaves to print with, you never know what the colour will be, look at the chartreuse one above and the mottled one below.

silk scarf hand printed

Eco prints on silkThese geraniums are different again, and do you see those seed heads they are burnets. I used to gather those with my Grandpa, he made a wine with them that was a deep purple red like port. I hoped to see that colour but maybe they were picked at the wrong time so I will try again next year.

eco gifts for womenI found some beautiful papers that were in my flower press which I’d forgotten about. I would love to have framed them up but in the end I listed them as craft packs, or folks can frame them themselves.

Eco printed paper for scrap booking bookmaking journaling card making

Eco printed paper packs for paper craftsI’m still waiting for the arrival of the eucalyptus leaves which I ordered ages ago, I have given up on them so if anyone has some I’d happily pay the postage for them.

Enjoy your day 🙂

10 thoughts on “Eco printing on silk

    1. eganj1 Post author

      Either will do but I don’t want to put you to the trouble of sending from Australia . I am sure I can get some here in the UK. Thanks Jill

  1. Rena Solis

    This was really interesting. Thanks so much for posting your wonderful productions. I so look forward to each post.

  2. alysen55

    I love geranium leaves too. They are my most-used ground cover at home … not too invasive, easy to pull out and start new plants with. And pink flowers almost all year! They obviously make superb prints!


    Hi Jill,

    I cannot thank you enough for your lovely posts, which I always keep and read when I have time. You are a true inspiration for me and keep me feeling positive!!

    We are growing some Eucalyptus trees, so when the leaves are a little bigger, I’ll send you some in the post. Do you want them dried or just as they are?

    How are things going with you, you seem to be doing well?

    My hip is more painful now than ever before and we can’t do much walking now, but would so love to.

    Anyway, if I don’t hear from you in a while, I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

    With very warm wishes Jules xxx

    1. eganj1 Post author

      Hi Julia, nice to hear you read my blog. I would love some leaves if you can spare some sometime, dried or fresh would be good as I haven’t tried either yet. No rush though.
      Have a lovely Christmas
      Jill xx


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