Hand Dyed Silk Scarves Using Leaves From The Woods

I said yesterday at the end of the Dodd Wood post that I would show you the silk scarves that I dyed using leaves picked up on my woodland walk. Well here they are.

I have to say I feel quite pleased with the results.

I used plants as well as leaves, some didn’t show up at all, like the pine branches, but they gave a lovely smell in the kitchen. Some were quite pale so I over printed with some geranium leaves where there were gaps. The backgrounds were a bit of an experiment using food based dyes that I know are used for dying human hair and wool fleece, they worked really well.

This one is a soft aqua  with beautiful bronze, green, golden brown leaf prints, it has some splashes of pink too , to look like berry juice 🙂

hand printed silk scarvesThe leaves from the woodland floor worked really well here


P1540737I like the way some have bled, just like watercolours

Hand dyed silk scarves

This one is a stunning colour, I would keep it if I suited coral pink but it’s not my colour, it certainly would warm up an outfit on a dull day.

hand dyed leaf scarf

You can just see some faint fern prints here
P1540731Some beautiful leaf prints
P1540719I don’t know where the orange came from, and I love the look of the layered leaves.
P1540722I wish it was a bit lighter as the photos don’t do these scarves justice, they have that lovely sheen that only comes from silk.

I probably won’t be printing now until after Christmas, but I have scarves on order, and I must try some eucalyptus soon 🙂

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6 Responses to Hand Dyed Silk Scarves Using Leaves From The Woods

  1. Oh that pink one is a lovely colour…. I love mine it arrived today…. Thank you Jill x

  2. Helen says:

    These are stunning! How much are they, Jill? Ilove both of them but the pink is really special 😊

  3. alysen55 says:

    That was super quick Jill! They all look stunning too.

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