Happy New Year – Review of 2018

Happy New Year!

Looking back 2018 didn’t start that well but it soon picked up, becoming a very memorable year.

It was a special year for us with a big wedding anniversary and special birthday. OH asked me what I would like, I said memories, I wasn’t disappointed.

We had several UK trips to some of our favourite places like Newcastle, Scotland, Derbyshire, Birmingham , Liverpool, and Stratford. As well as a trip to Norway and Sorrento.

On the craft front I took several courses with Dionne Swift,  drawing for textiles , machine embroidery and screen printing. I will be expanding  on what I learned this year.

I taught myself to eco print, and I’m totally hooked, there’s so much I want to explore. Also I did some screen printing on bisque which I hadn’t done before.  I got back into glass painting too, I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

Last April I decided to take part in the Art Elements monthly theme challenges. I’m getting such a lot out of these challenges, being able to work in any media is great. Hopefully I will continue to join in this year.

I’m siting here wondering what my favourite piece of work from 2018 might be.

I got some great colours on my raku leaves, fish and the clocks

leaf wall art

Raku ceramicsRaku clocksSome beautiful eco printed scarves and paper, each time is full of surprises.

Raku clocks

Eco prints on silk

IMG_1064My hosta leaf ikebana bowls turned out exactly as I had envisioned. It’s great when that happens.
UntitledUntitledI really enjoyed thread painting, I must do more of these this year.

.My favourite piece of all has to be the eco printed artwork ‘The Thread That Binds Us’ made using found materials from our anniversary and birthday holiday, each square has a memory of a place visited, there is a key on the back so when I’m old and doddery I will recall the smell of the beach, the mossy woods and the deer that came to say hello. Walks and ferry trips to Scottish islands, it’s all remembered in this piece.
UntitledI have enjoyed looking back on the past year it went over really quick. I won’t be travelling so much this year but that means more time to explore and develop new creative ideas. I have a notebook with several pages of ideas written down already this week but first I need a rest, then there are commissions to make before I can experiment.

I have some resolutions for this year but I will tell you later.

All the best for 2019 , I hope it’s a good one for you

Jill x


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2 Responses to Happy New Year – Review of 2018

  1. Oh Jill you achieved so many wonderful things I always enjoy reading your blog. My Mum absolutely loved her scarf and the leaf I gave her. My friend ended up with the butterfly as her present I got for her was broken in the post so I had to come up with something else quickly…. But she loved it… So thank you for all your wonderful things you do to inspire and can pass on to others to appreciate. Eco printing paper is on my list to try this year.
    Happy crafting. Xxx

  2. eganj1 says:

    Thanks Elaine, I always like to hear people are reading and enjoying my posts. I’m pleased your presents were well received too. Every Christmas I think of all the people who are opening presents and finding something I’ve made, it gives me a buzz.
    You will love eco printing, it’s such fun.
    All the best to you for 2019 🙂

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