First Fell Walk 2019 – Low Fell

It was a gorgeous, bright, frosty day on Wednesday so we got the ‘call of the wild’ and headed out for a walk. We chose Low Fell because it’s one of the smaller fells which is good when it’s icy but it’s higher than places like Dartmoor so it’s  still going to burn some excess Christmas calories.

I love a walk when it’s bright and frosty, I love watching the sun melt the white blanket on the fields, and the long shadows where the frost can hide.
I love the bracken, looks like they have been dusted with icing sugar
IMG_2468We didn’t have to climb far before we got a tantalising glimpse of the views to come. This was my first ‘Dr Zhivago’ moment of 2019 🙂
IMG_2463The ground got a little steeper, I was slipping so I had to put on my spikes.
IMG_2505Further on the view got better and better
IMG_2560I spied a painted pebble from Dearham Rocks
IMG_2567There was no wind even though it was cold; we had lunch on the summit with this incredible view for Crummock Water, with a hint of Buttermere in the distance, and the fells behind.
In this video you can see Lowes water as well as Crummock and Buttermere.
Low FellAnother painted pebble on the way down.
The sun was low in the sky when we returned to the car, the frost hadn’t given in the shadows of the fell.
What an uplifting day, just what I needed to shake out the January gloom.

Have you had any walks this year?

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