Time for a clear out!

I have been looking forward to doing some sketchbook work for ages but things were too hectic before Christmas. I told myself that I would do daily entries at the start of the year, unfortunately this didn’t happen so I began to ask myself why?

There are two reasons, the first being that every surface in my workroom has stuff on it, in it, and under it, there is no room to work. Such a shame when I have some gorgeous new books, paper, pencils as well as my favourite book on keeping sketchbooks just sitting there waiting to be used.

Craft room clean up

Craft room clean upThis is my indoor room where I keep my stock, do packaging, make textiles, drawing, watercolours etc. I am ashamed to say the studio looks just as messy if not worse.
Craft room clean up

Craft room clean up

Craft room clean up

Craft room clean upI was inspired by Lesley’s post on Art Elements blog so I set to and made a start on having a clear out. I bought a few extra storage boxes and two days later I had a workable space once more.

Craft room clean upMy big drawers have been organised; please tell me not to buy any art materials, I have  so much already.

Craft room clean upI have kept the art stuff I use most in a box on my desk, the additional art materials like charcoal, pastels, inks, acrylics, glue and tapes are in the top drawers. Pads of paper and palettes in the next drawer, how can I have so many pads of paper?

Craft room clean upStuff for my Silhouette Cameo in the next drawer, and tissue, boxes and other packing materials in the huge bottom drawer.

I have tidied the sewing corner, this set up works for a quick sewing job but the machine is easily moved onto the desk for bigger jobs.

Craft room clean upMy desk has space for sketchbook work now. As I  said I have the materials I use most on the table, which brings me to the second issue that puts me off sketchbooking, I want to do it in front of the TV so having my essentials in a box means it’s easily portable. I’m going to try working on a tray.

Craft room clean upThere is a run of wardrobes on the other wall housing boxes of material, yarns, felting and textile art stuff, as well as a wardrobe with my stock, packing materials and an overflow of clothes and household items.

Now I am on a mission, I am having a destash on my Facebook page, I’m getting rid of a lot of books I don’t use (starting with all my china painting books), my bookcases are bursting.
Hopefully I will get sketchbooking soon, just now I am enjoying the purge and seeing the place looking tidy.

I will make a start on the studio next, that’s going to take time. I may be gone a while.

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2 Responses to Time for a clear out!

  1. alycat55 says:

    I discovered a few years ago that uncluttered space = uncluttered mind. It’s not easy to do sometimes but I do find it’s true. P.S. I’m a clutterer, with organized piles :))) .

    • eganj1 says:

      I agree but sometimes I want to make so much stuff I don’t have time to clear up and that’s when it goes pear shaped. This year I am trying to slow down and only work 2 days a week so I have plenty time for tidying up and decluttering my home too.
      Well that’s the plan 🙂

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