An encounter with a headless woman, holding a pig!

Now I have your attention……..

We managed a walk along the river mid week as the weather was dry.
UntitledThe ground was what I  would call claggy, I think I brought back half a field stuck to my boots.

This was a walk over farmland, along the river, which is surprisingly low just now. Along the route I was conscious how peaceful everything was; there wasn’t any  wind , the air was still. The river made a gentle sound. The grass was lush and the sheep were grazing peacefully. Two herons were fishing on the river. I felt very calm and alive.
UntitledWe climbed over styles and fences, this is a lovely stone stile don’t you think?

It frames the view of the church beautifully.
Then along the woods, where I  stumbled upon a headless woman holding a pig, and some legs, probably dogs legs, I kid you not 🙂



There must have been a house in the woods at some time, these broken ornaments had been found and left on the fence posts. So after inspection they were put back for the next person to muse over.

Continuing on, back to the river, and after walking on a little way our tracks stopped due to an impenetrable barbed wire fence. This is a pheasant  breeding area so maybe we weren’t  welcome. We retraced our path back to town.



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2 Responses to An encounter with a headless woman, holding a pig!

  1. alycat55 says:

    Aah, how bucolic! Beautiful countryside (as I’ve mentioned before). Couldn’t really make out the headless horse-and-bone-carrying statue though :).

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