Liquid Soap and Hair Thickening Shampoo Bars

I’ve made liquid soap concentrate this week, using potassium hydroxide. This one is castile soap made from olive oil, it started out very thin, I had to keep stopping the hand blender as I thought it was overheating. Eventually it got quite thick
Liquid soapI watered some down and put in some patchouli oil which I wanted to use up as I don’t like scent , it makes my nose tickle. I put it in a soap dispenser,  it’s thinner than a bought liquid soap, and it doesn’t lather up much but that can be a good thing. I used some for washing the floor and it worked really well, I also washed a woollen throw by hand and it was fine for that too, two jobs where less suds is a good thing.
Liquid soap

Next I made a liquid soap using coconut oil, this was so thick in no time I couldn’t stir it.
Liquid soap

It went into a takeaway container as I thought if it set solid I could always cut it up into bars. This lathers really well, I  washed some leather chairs with this and the leather remained nice and supple. The instructions I’m following say to combine the two soaps. I watered down some of the coconut soap to look at clarity, as you can see it’s very clear, it lathers much more than the olive oil version so I can see why combining the two would be a good idea.
Liquid soapI found a website with oil based concoctions for thinning hair, I have wanted to try them but don’t want the mess on my pillow so the next task was to make a shampoo bar with rosemary, lavender and castor oil with the hope of adding volume to my thinning hair, anything is worth a try.

As well as being on a mission to use less plastics I’m trying to live more by my Gran’s philosophy of ‘make do and mend’ which was born out of necessity during the war years but I feel it’s so necessary now, personally I hate being caught up in the consumerism trap. So I have taken some old towels and given them a revamp with a washing machine dye, they have been transformed from a shabby looking pink to a nice grey which goes with my bathroom. I might get a couple more years out of them before they become utility towels and window cleaning cloths.

Enjoy your weekend, I’m hoping to fire some raku pieces, hopefully I will have something to show you soon  🙂

2 thoughts on “Liquid Soap and Hair Thickening Shampoo Bars

  1. alycat55

    Very industrious Jill! I personally like less lather, which is usually the case with any handmade soaps/shampoos that I’ve bought over the years. I LOVE patchouli’s smell. And even have some goat’s milk lotion scented with that. Nice dye job too. Here where I am now (Georgia, USA) the recycling isn’t like it was in California, and I think we even have better practices in France!


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