Making a boiled wool hat from leftover fabric

I made a hat with the leftover fabric from my boiled wool jacket.

I chose a plate that was about the size I wanted the crown and cut out a circle. Then I measured a length of fabric that went around my head, but I made it a bit deeper than I wanted the hat so I could add some tucks, and of course the seam allowance.
A jacket in a dayAfter joining the seam 3 rows of pin tucks were stitched , the bottom one became the hem because when I tried it around my head it looked right. My original plan was to add a band but I like it as it is.

A jacket in a dayThe crown was pinned, first dividing into quarters, then dividing again and again to deal with the ease, then stitched in place.

A jacket in a dayFinally a steam pressing for a good looking finish.
Boiled wool hatThis hat could easily  be dressed up with a flourish in the form of a felt flower, or leaves, a brooch or some feathers etc.

If you would like to see how it looks on then have a look on my facebook.

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