My Japanese crossover back apron

In readiness for pruning the apple trees today I have been sewing. I used another one of my cotton sheets that used to cover my craft fair tables to make a Japanese crossover back apron.

I didn’t have a pattern but I did have a PJ top that was similar in style so I cut a newspaper pattern from it, adapting the shape as I thought it should be, this was purely guesswork but it’s just an old sheet.

Cross over back apron
I made bias binding from the scraps, there was enough for the neck and armholes.

Cross over back apronThe shoulders were stitched with a french seam.

I did a double neatening seam around the edge.

Cross over back apronThe cross over was stitched to hold it in place

Cross over back apron

Then the bias binding was stitched around the neck and armholes.

Cross over back apron

Here it is waiting to be dyed. It’s a bit big but it’s a good cover up and there’s room for a big jumper underneath so no more paint getting on my clothes.


I’ll update you when I do the dyeing process, I  should get the apple trees pruned today and my dye pot going.

2 thoughts on “My Japanese crossover back apron

  1. Annie Nowak

    I like it Jill, probably more comfortable than a traditional apron. Be great to see it dyed as well.


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