Art Elements Theme Challenge – Foliage

I was delighted when I saw the September theme challenge from Art Elements was foliage as I was already working away with some leafy makes. So this was the perfect opportunity to push my makes a little further.
First let me apologise for forgetting to take WIP photos, I was so in the zone and feeling I had to get things done that I forgot.
I have been working with the seasons for much of this year, just now I seem to be working frantically before the leaves have gone.

I made some more of my hosta leaf succulent  pots / ikebana bowls.
Ceramic leaves home decorThen I decided to go a step further and make incense stick holders, my daughter likes burning incense.
Leaf ceramics for a Zen homeI thought some tea lights holders would  be a great complement to the incense holders.

Leaf ceramics for a Zen homeThen I got thinking about spas and relaxing Zen bathroom style so a soap dish happened next.

Ceramic leaves home decorThen a larger leaf to use as a candle stand.

Leaf ceramics for a Zen homeI can just imagine if I ever had the time to lie in a bubble bath with candles, tea lights and incense burning but it’s probably never going to happen.

More tea lights, incense holders and trinket trays happened. I’m glad I got them done because I noticed yesterday that the hosta leaves were going over very quickly.

Ceramic leaves home decorThen I turned to eco printing, if you read my last blog post you will know I have been gathering leaves, like a nesting dormouse.

I decided to stitch some scarves myself from beautiful fine merino wool gauze, the fabric is expensive so I was hoping not to spoil it. It took ages to find a technique that gave me an edging I was happy with, there was a lot of fraying, and not just the edges, I said never again!

The first one had a double neatening on the long edges but the fabric kept sliding, the stitching is like a dog’s back leg so this one is a keeper. I will look forward to wearing it.
UntitledThe fringed one worked well but it was very time consuming to make. I do love how the printing turned out though, I know I said never again but that was before I saw how it turned out.
Ceramic leaves home decorMy next blog post will be about my ecoprinted silk scarves.
Now I am heading over to see what everyone whose taking part in the blog hop have made, my favourite part of the challenge.

AE Team


40 thoughts on “Art Elements Theme Challenge – Foliage

  1. Cat

    I love all the dishes, and I love how many different ones there are, not only in color or style, but also in ways to use them!
    The scarves are beautiful.

  2. Mary Harding

    You are so creative with your leaves!! I think I would love the incense one the best. I am always looking for a safe way to burn it without having to get the cliched ones. Yours are perfect!!

  3. blueberribeads

    Glad to see your Ikebana bowls again Jill, I really do love them, and the rest of your designs… They all have such stunning glazes. Thanks so much for joining us for the challenge.

  4. Hope Smitherman

    Ohmygoodness! All of your ceramic leaves are so beautiful! I especially like the ones that seem to have a blue-ish patina to them.
    And those eco-dyes…SWOON!!

  5. alycat55

    Another happy one here to see more ikebana bowls .. & just in time for the holidays! I do love your Hosta leaves, so many possibilities to use them.

  6. susankennedy65

    I LOVE all your dishes, they are so pretty! I LOVE the ikebana bowls the most too! And your eco printing, fantastic! WOW!

  7. Rosantia Petkova

    I love all the different items you’ve made, so beautiful and so many creative uses. For instance, it had never occurred to me to use these as tealight holders, love this idea!

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  9. marshanealstudio

    I love how your work just really flowed with this theme. I too would love to find the time for a bubble bath with handmade soap, by candle light with insense burning… Oh, the days before kids 😉
    Wonderful work!!!

  10. Tammy Adams

    So many wonderful leaves. The glazes you chose are gorgeous and I love the variety of purposes you found from the same basic leaf. Those ecoprinted scarves are drool-worthy.

  11. cathysmendola

    Oh my! I love all your hosta leaf designs. The ikebana bowls are superb and I like the idea of the incense burners. Great idea! I adore your eco printed scarves. I need to figure out how you created those lovely fringed edges. I take the easy way out and but pre-made scarves to dye. But I do have some lovely silk/wool fabric that would make a beautiful scarf! I will have to figure it out.

      1. eganj1 Post author

        Cathy I found a stitch on my machine that was like a small zig zag but fancy. I used this then frayed up to it. It worked very well if only I could stitch straight

  12. Dawn

    I’m not a bubble bath sort of person, but I can see myself soaking in a tub surrounded by your beautiful leaves while candles flicker and incense perfumes the air. It’s a lovely image made possible by the gorgeous work you’ve done.

    Those scarves – oh my! They are fabulous. I just love the colors and prints on the fabric. Even though the fabric was fiddly, I’m so glad you saw it through to the finish.

  13. niky

    These are all so beautiful! I love the colours of all your ceramic leaves and your eco printing is amazing.

  14. lesleyhw

    Your ceramics are all wonderful Jill but I do have a soft spot for those lovely Ikebana bowls – they’re just gorgeous. Your eco dyed silk scarves are amazing too.

  15. Anita

    You had me thinking of a relaxing bath with all your leafy creations! And the silk scarves – gorgeous, the eco print has turned out jaw-droppingly cool.

  16. Alison Herrington

    Beautiful! I can see why the hosta leaves were going fast! What a great leaf to use, they are so large and full of life! My favorite is the soap dish! I am amazed at the scarves! The details you were able to get, wow, they look three dimensional!!

  17. Learn Polymer Clay

    I love your leafy ceramic beauties. And I also love that there are so many useful ways to enjoy them, apart from the visual pleasure (turning them into succulent pots, jewelry dishes, incense dishes, soap dishes, small object holders, abundance “mantras” if you put small coins reminding you to be grateful for the abundant life we live, etc). Have a beautiful and blessed day!


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