Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope you have had a happy and peaceful Christmas, and now maybe like me you are taking it easy and reflecting on 2019.

I’m going through my blog posts picking out some highlights ( click on the images if you want to know more). The most amazing thing that happened last year was seeing otters in the wild when we spent 3 weeks on a little known Scottish island. There was so much wildlife to encounter, seals, dolphins, sea eagles, deer and hares. But the otter sightings were truly very special as they have eluded me my whole life. Seeing them was like winning the lottery.
OttersIt terms of makes, I love my boiled wool jacket which I wear a lot, it gets comments whenever I wear it and it goes with just about any outfit, I can dress it up or look casual.

A jacket in a day

I really got back into sewing last year, I combined my sewing skills with eco printing and made a top which turned out not quite as I had expected but I still love it. I like the surprises that I get when I eco print.

Upcycled ecoprinted top
I made myself a couple of fine wool scarves, I love the prints on these, it’s a pity the wool fabric is so expensive.

Ceramic leaves home decor

I am  still  wowed by every raku firing, I don’t think I will ever tire of the process, smelling like a bonfire is not so good though. Lots of items went off to new homes and I thought of all those folks receiving some of my work for Christmas. It makes me very happy to think I might have made someone smile.

Ceramic wall art
Ceramic fish bathroom wall art

Moons and hares
Looking to the future and plans for the year to come I have started a notebook with ideas, including all those things I never got around to trying out last year. I have books and new techniques to try out, I must have a go at printmaking in various forms. I want to paint more too, I find it so relaxing.
Something new for 2020I have made the decision that it’s time to slow down a little so I will no longer sell my work through shops and galleries, the end of an era. But I will still sell through my Etsy shop and my Facebook page, so if you don’t already follow me then you might want to start as Facebook  is where I will be showing new work and selling off ends of lines.

One of my first tasks for the end of January will be to make some more snowdrop ceramics.
Snowdrops ceramicsAlso watch out for those otters because they will be featuring in some new pieces later in the year if all goes to plan.

Here’s wishing you good health and a peaceful year to come.


Jill x

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Alysen

    Happy New Year Jill. I was going to make a comment about that Scottish Island being the one in Outlander where the King’s Gold was hidden. But then remembered that these are Otters and the Island had Seals. … Can’t wait to see some of their cute faces on your creations. Alysen

    1. eganj1 Post author

      Happy New Year Alysen, thank you for your message. There were seals on and near the island so you could be right. I might have to investigate 🙂 x


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