Making Beeswax Wraps

I really can’t get going this January. It’s always a difficult month as I only work in the daylight hours. Also I intend to adopt a slower pace of work this year, I need more time to do other things. I’m taking this ‘slow living’ to heart and really enjoying feeling calm and relaxed.

I’ve been reading, knitting and cooking healthy food, exercising and following my diet plan. I even made a Facebook group called  ‘Motivation and Support for Healthy Eating and Exercise’ click here if you want to join us.

This week I decided to make some beeswax wraps.

I cut some squares of cotton fabric, having washed it first to remove the finish. Then added some beeswax pellets and another square of fabric on top.
Making beeswax wraps

Making beeswax wraps

This was sandwiched between 2 pieces of baking parchment. I decided to do this on an old towel rather than the ironing board.

Making beeswax wraps

When you iron you can see the wax melting and coming through the fabric.
It looked patchy so more beeswax was added then more ironing.

Making beeswax wraps

Making beeswax wraps

I had too much wax this time, it leaked out onto the towel.

Making beeswax wraps

Because there was too much wax I layered up one waxed piece with a new piece of fabric and ironed to transfer the wax. I kept doing this until they looked evenly coated.

Making beeswax wraps

They were laid flat until the wax set.

Making beeswax wraps

I have to say I’m  not totally convinced they will work but I’m certainly going to try them out.

They work as bowl covers.Untitled

Lets try wrapping an apple.

Making beeswax wraps


Making beeswax wraps

I wouldn’t use them for things like meat but they will have their uses and they will save on some waste.

4 thoughts on “Making Beeswax Wraps

  1. Alysen

    Jill, Thx for your tutorial, pictures are worth a thousand words! Daughter made some of these a couple of years ago and they really work great on cut apples. I didn’t have a chance to try them in other uses. They’re a little stiff so I’m going to try some with a different recipe that I found online. I think they’re a great alternative to plastic or foil. I recently bought some silicone pouches also so now that I’m back home I will dig them up and start using them.

    1. eganj1 Post author

      Hi Alysen, thanks for your comment. They are a little stiff but I thought I could warm them in my hands, in the sunshine or radiator. I make beeswax lip balm which has some oil in it so melting the was with a little oil first might work.
      I have silicone bowl covers which I use a lot as well as an upturned plate, but I think I will make some ceramic bowl covers with a little knob on top when it’s warm enough to work in the studio.


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