More handmade ceramics

It’s been a busy week, making new stock each day and now I am running out of drying space.

So what have I made besides the snowdrop ceramics featured in my last post?

There are raku fish, including the ever popular mackerel and sprats, also some tropical fish including clown fish. There’s raku hanging leaves and ceramic soap dishes and trinket dishes made from stoneware clay.

Ceramics for the home wip from Kiln Fired Art

These all need to be left to dry before bisque firing, then they will be glazed and fired again so it will be a few weeks before they make it into my shops. I’ve no space left to make anything more so I can have a little rest and plan some new work.

4 thoughts on “More handmade ceramics

    1. Chatelainecreations

      Is there any chance of doing tulips, or wouldn’t they work so well? I love tulips BTW 😉😁😁❤️

      1. eganj1 Post author

        Hi Elaine, I have planted tulips in my garden so I will see , it will depend on the size and how bulky they are but nothing ventured nothing gained

      2. Chatelainecreations

        Thank you Jill sorry I didn’t reply as I couldn’t at the time but it seems OK now xx

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