Getting into the groove.

I’ve almost lost count of where we are with the lockdown, we are now going into the 4th week. Still the sun keeps shining, I’m getting into the groove and just going with the flow each day. I’m not stressing as I don’t have to think about online shopping  for food for a few weeks, we have enough for now. I love the vegetable box scheme, it’s lovely fresh produce delivered to my door each week and no plastic packaging. I’ve sourced food from farm shops and coffee suppliers as well.
UntitledI’m enjoying being resourceful in the kitchen, this is a vegan chickpea frittata made with leftover vegetables and topped with wild garlic pesto. I foraged the wild garlic on one of my walks. It’s great in a bean salad or mayonnaise.
UntitledThe blanket is growing, it’s almost ready for the border. I have been doing some in an evening but mainly when sitting in the garden on an afternoon crocheting and watching the wildlife. Drone flies are my new amazing creature to watch, there are blackbirds fighting over the ivy berries even though there’s enough for all, and today a mouse came running across to my chair then disappeared under the fence.
I’ve made shopping masks for family and friends, but I think I have the pleats going the wrong way up, I don’t suppose it makes much difference.
UntitledWe have had some lovely local walks, I love getting out into the countryside, it’s good for our well being. Nothing is more calming than being out in the countryside walking and nature spotting.
UntitledThe wildflowers are blooming, the bluebells are just starting to come out now.


UntitledThe streams are low but the water is crystal clear as we haven’t had any rain in over a month.
UntitledCan you see all the minnows at the bottom of this photo?
UntitledA heron stands fishing.
UntitledThe lambs are getting fat, and today I saw my first ducklings, aren’t they cute?
UntitledAt this difficult time I am counting my blessings, I am thankful for everyday things I would probably take for granted normally.

I hope you are staying safe and well both mentally and physically, take care. Please leave a comment and let me know how you are doing.


3 thoughts on “Getting into the groove.

  1. Chatelainecreations

    Lovely fresh produce very nice to see, your blanket is coming along nicely. Are the masks double lined or have some kind of filter in them?
    My daughter has dust masks she has to use at uni on her course so she is going out with one of those on. We are limiting to once a week to do basic shopping and sometimes we get a delivery slot or a click and collect, she doesn’t drive so I’m the driver and she does the shopping, as my hubbie is vulnerable we are in 3 month lockdown anyway and we sort of started before the govt shutdown the rest of the country. So we are being very careful. I also look after my Mum’s well being to and luckily she lives very close so that’s fairly easy to get her what she needs. She’s self sufficient mainly so she’s doing OK as she’s fairly housebound anyway but she’s doing OK.

    So generally we are fine, my mental health was suffering a bit a week ago and realised I needed to get cracking on some big tasks I needed to tackle around the house. Plus I was failing to get my housework done and set myself a daily goal before I can do any crafting and this has helped me focus better. Not being a very good housekeeper (never have) I just needed to feel like I achieved something each day. It seems to be working. 😁 I’m up and down but feel better for it. As for my daughter and uni well that’s a whole story in itself!!

    Hope I’ve not bored you too much ha ha but you did ask 😂😂😂

    Stay safe and well Jill
    Elaine xx 🌼

  2. eganj1 Post author

    Hi Elaine, lovely to hear from you. The masks are double fabric with iron on interfacing inside. There’s a pocket to put in a folded tissue or kitchen roll to act as a filter. They have wire in the top to bend around the nose.
    I’m not shopping because of OH and I have to arrange deliveries for my Dad who lives 100 miles away so i feel your stress. Once I have the shopping organised I can relax. I have found smaller companies easier to get deliveries but me be more expensive, so far the food is better quality though.
    I seem to be enjoying just pottering on, it would have been a good time to build stock while my shop is closed but rarely get time off , I think just now I need it. The studio and indoor workroom both need a good tidy but the tip is closed so we don;t have anywhere to leave it. I was reading your blog post and it made me smile as I know where you are coming from.
    Take care of yourselves
    Jill x

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