This time last year…..

This time last year I was getting excited about spending 3 weeks on an isolated Scottish island. Little did I know that my ‘holiday’ this year would be spending 6 weeks (or more) in isolation at home.

The reason we went to Luing was to find out what it was like to live on a small island, and hopefully to see otters.  I loved my time there very much. Here are some photos.

The village

LuingBlackmill bay, used to be a busy port .
UntitledOur garden.
UntitledMull in the distance.
IMG_4243I got my wish we saw the otters on several occasions, also sea eagles, deer, seals , hares and dolphins.
IMG_4836Being in lockdown just now has it’s similarities, I’m enjoying watching wildlife in my garden, watching the trees coming into leaf and blossom, appreciating the view from my window, and spending time in the garden relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Planning meals and thinking about where the next lot of food will come from, no pub  to go to. Also I intended being creative while I was there but I just couldn’t muster up.  That’s just how I feel at the moment, although I have found something I’m enjoying but more on that in my next post.

Stay safe and well.

2 thoughts on “This time last year…..

  1. alycat55

    Funny how life can change in just one year, one week, one day, one hour! We here in France are going off of somewhat strict lockdown tomorrow May 11. Progressive & controlled … Since being home (again), I’ve been out in garden cleaning up rather than relaxing! Alysen

  2. Chatelainecreations

    Oh it was lovely seeing your beautiful photos again and all the wildlife.
    Its so much quieter here too. We live near Luton Airport and its strange seeing just the odd aircraft go over it sounds so loud when it does which is quite eerie! We live on a busy main road as well and that’s a lot quieter as well. Yesterday we heard the Red Kite screech overhead.. Our Downs is a conservation area for them.

    It’s quite lovely how clean the air is. 😊😊😊


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