Wish I Was There!

I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks as there hasn’t been a great deal to talk about. This week I should have been walking the North Norfolk coast but instead we have been at home, what with the dreary weather I haven’t even felt like going out for a walk.

I started a new blanket which I have called ‘Wish I Was There’, the colours remind me of days at the coast. I have been thinking about my holidays in Norfolk and a boat trip to the seal colony that we did a few years back, I got my holiday dvd’s out to reminisce. 

I think less is more with this blanket, I love these muted colours. Wish I Was There BlanketA couple of weeks ago I took an art course online with Louise Fletcher called Find My Joy, this got me really thinking  about  my crafting life and where I find joy, so I’m having a destash of the things that I no longer get so much pleasure from. It’s a natural progression, I like to try different things  so  I have started to destash my studio, but it seems so much more messy now than it was before. I still have a small Paragon SC3 for sale which is now on ebay along with glass and china painting enamels, jewellery making supplies  etc. There will be a lot more to follow.

Paragon SC3 for saleI’ve spent a lot of time watching the raindrops on the pond that we built just before the weather changed.


I’m so pleased we built it, already the wildlife are using it, on the first day a blackbird took a bath and since then we have sparrows , dunnocks, greenfinches, a cheeky vole visting daily. 

I managed to catch the dunnock having a wash and brush up.

You need to click on the little square corners icon to see the video.

Enjoy your weekend, my destash and tidy mission will continue, I have to make space as I want to paint large messy paintings. 🙂

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