Finding My Happy Place.

Now the days are getting shorter and the weather cooler I am spending less time outdoors, it’s time to tap into my creativity in order to find my ‘happy place’.

Thinking back to an art course that I took during lockdown called ‘Find Your Joy’ with Louise Fletcher I decided to do exactly that so I’ve spent the past few weeks  just going with the flow to find my happy place again.

I found ‘my joy’ when I turned to ecoprinting, bringing the outdoors indoors the connection with nature continues. I decided to make a pictorial memoir of the time spent in my garden during 2020 making a book of ecoprinted papers, something just for me. This started with a simple idea for a concertina book but the idea has grown into something on a grander scale with pockets to put things in,  I don’t know quite where this is going to end up but I am enjoying the journey.

This seems to be the correct path to be going down right now, I’ll let you into it as my little book evolves.

Here’s a video revealing the first set of prints for the concertina pages.

3 thoughts on “Finding My Happy Place.

  1. ofstarandcloud

    Thinking back on it, I was so happy living with you this time last year. I have a cosy feeling thinking about cold mornings and dark evenings.

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