Preparing For The “C” Word A Little Earlier This Year.

I’m preparing early for Christmas in these uncertain times and I suspect many people will be doing the same this year.

At the time of writing this blog post I have filled my shop with over 200 items, most of these are suitable for gifting. I hope to encourage my customers to shop early as I’ve decided I won’t be making any more stock before Christmas, so when it’s gone it’s gone.

I am happy to reserve items for customers, and also I will post direct to the recipient maybe adding a note from you, just add a message when you order. I hope this will take some of the stress out of Christmas shopping this year. So let’s see what’s available.

I have some gorgeous hygge hanging ceramic hearts with raku glaze, each one is different. These are lovely small gifts and will be well packaged to post through a letterbox, they are like a little hug to let someone know you love them. I think they will also look great on the Christmas tree where they should sparkle in the light.

I have hanging moon gazing hares, these wall hangings are raku glazed and each one is different, they feature a hare gazing up at the phases of the moon.

I have also added some of the ever popular hosta leaf ikebana bowls, a great gift for those who love their gardens or flower arranging. I love using mine, just a couple of flowers and some foliage or twigs from the garden makes a lovely arrangement.

Hosta leaf soap dishes and ring trays.

I have a stocked up on items such as bottle dishes, eco prints and silk scarves which are always popular as gifts, and there’s a lot more besides.

I’m taking a little break from making to pursue some painting but I will tell you about that another time.

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