My Ecoprinted Book Pages With Pockets

I am working on my little book of the garden and what went on there during the summer of 2020. My garden and all that went on there helped me enormously in dealing with the pandemic. My book has ecoprints using plants from my garden, as well as other happy things I will talk about later. Today I want to show you my pocket pages.

Firstly I should say I’ve never made a book like this and I am learning as I go. In hindsight I think it would have been better to have folded the book pages after printing, although it’s thick good quality paper the handling of wet paper has made some of the folds a bit worn and fragile. Some have been reinforced with wet strength tissue paper, kind of like sticking on a plaster, then I added some metal leaf to emphasize the imperfections which kind of echos the fact life isn’t perfect right now but we are making the most of things. Finding pleasure in small things.

I have added some prints from little sketches I made of some of out garden visitors, I was going to add the sketches but I felt the image transfers were more in keeping with the look of the ecoprinted pages, I used the same technique to transfer text to the pages as well.

I haven’t quite worked out how I am going to stitch these signatures together and bind them, I haven’t had much free time this weekend but I will let you know what I decide in my next update when hopefully my book will be bound. I do have some haiku to add written by each one of us.

3 thoughts on “My Ecoprinted Book Pages With Pockets

  1. Chatelainecreations

    Oh it looks lovely Jill, the trouble with thick paper you either need to score crease it first before folding or use them as single sheets and glue them onto a base so no folding. For pages you are better to use 80 or 100gsm paper it’s really delicate when wet but easier to use once dried. How are you needing to bind it? It’s a concertina isn’t it?

    Give us a shout if you want any help😁😁

    Love your prints they are always beautiful… I will give it a go at some point!

  2. underatopazsky

    They are gorgeous – I love the soft colours! Adding the metal leaf where there are issues is very much in the Japanese kintsugi tradition – even the broken and damaged can be made beautiful and whole again.

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