Finding inspiration on my daily walk

Hello blog readers, it’s been a while since my last post, I seem to be getting less done these days. I thought a lockdown would mean prolific work but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

I am enjoying the cold but bright weather, getting out on my daily walks. As we are all walking the same or similar path each day (following the rules) I like to shake things up a bit by looking out for something to make each walk special. Most often it’s birds or plants but a few days ago I decided to look more closely at trees, especially bark textures.

On my way home I remembered I’d planned to make some wall pockets for air plants but I never got round to making them. Out came the clay and I set to work on the idea in my head. There were some design issues to work out, how to contain the plants, how to hang the piece etc.

Here they are drying nicely, I made a few pebbles as well as plant wall pockets.

They are in the kiln now as I type, fingers crossed they survive the first firing and then I can get decorating. My air plants have arrived and I need to get them displayed on the wall.

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