Happy Mother’s Day And Signs Of Spring

Today many Mums will be spending their day at home without their offspring around them and like me you might be wondering how to spend your day.

It’s bitterly cold out there and quite windy so no walk today but I ventured out for some exercise yesterday looking for signs of Spring. There are lambs in the fields, they bring me so much pleasure seeing them skipping around. There were some new lambs, with little raincoats on but I was surprised how big some of them were already. It occurred to me that some of you might not be able to get out to see the lambs so here they are.

Celandines are in flower along the lane but as the sun was hiding they weren’t open so no photos.

I didn’t stay out long as it was so cold and looking like rain, just as I got back it started but I managed a couple of quick photo’s.

Daffodils always make me smile and remind me that Spring is just about here, someone please tell the weather.

The pulmonaria and brunnera are flowering, as are the primroses so hopefully I will be doing some clay work next week. You can’t put it off when you work with the seasons.

I’m intending on having a lazy Mother’s Day today, I might get my watercolours out or read my book, and I need to finish the border on my crochet blanket. It’s good to chill a bit now and then.

I will leave you with some more lambs.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day whatever you are doing, I hope you give yourself a bit of ‘me time’ and relax . xx

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