What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Hello, I haven’t posted much recently as I have had some unexpected things to deal with so I am just taking things as they come but still keeping busy and keeping my Etsy shop ticking over.

I have been out walking most days, it’s still quite chilly though. I have been looking for inspiration for a wildflower verge that I’m trying to establish. We have seeded it twice with wildflower grass mix but it was so dry nothing germinated. I have bought more seeds to try and grow on as plug plants but they aren’t showing signs of germination yet. The 3 different varieties of tagetees, calendula and 2 types of eucalyptus have germinated on the window sill but they are looking quite leggy and need to get potted on soon. These will be used for ecoprinting

I bought a seed sprouting tray to grow micro greens, our outdoor crops last year were a washout so I thought growing these indoors would be something that might work. The holes in the tray are too big for broccoli and cabbage seeds so I lined the try with some muslin.

Here’s some photos from my walk, I have primroses in my garden but no cowslips so they are on my list of what to grow next.

I love the primrose bank

I have a new resident in the garden who we have named Polly, a red legged partridge who comes to drink several times a day, we feed her now too, I think she lives behind the studio.

I have been sock knitting in the evenings, it’s so relaxing, almost meditative. As there’s only so many pairs of socks I need I decided to offer them up on a Facebook page which I called Socks4Charity . My intention is to use the money to buy a ball of yarn to knit the next pair of socks, pay UK P&P then donate what’s left to charity, so it’s win win all round, I keep knitting socks, someone get a pair of handknit socks and a charity benefits as well. Please have a look at Socks4Charity it could use some likes and shares.


The spring flowers are blooming in my garden so it’s a busy time, making ceramic pieces to stock my shop. The hard part is estimating how many of each plant tile to make, if I run out I can’t make any more for a year. The wild garlic and bluebells are out now so that’s what I have been working with this week.

Here’s some of the tiles from last month which are listed on Etsy.


This weekend I hope to do some ecoprinting and something new to me, cyanotypes, it’s all go working with the seasons.

Enjoy your weekend.

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