Finding Inspiration In The Yorkshire Dales.

We decided to take a break from the home improvements that have been ongoing since June to head off to the Yorkshire Dales for a week walking in “God’s Own Country” as Yorkshire folks describe the Yorkshire Dales.

This is a short post, I’m sharing some photos which are an inspiration to me and I hope to use them in some art projects later on.

Mary Lou if you are reading this, I was thinking of you and your love of our stone walls. Swaledale in Yorkshire is stone wall heaven, it also has lots of wonderful stone barns.

The history behind the barns that are all over Swaledale.

A patchwork of stone walls around Muker in Swaledale.

Yorkshire has some beautiful waterfalls too, this is Hardraw Force and below is Aysgill Force.

I found so much peace and beauty which I intend to use as inspiration for some artwork. Well that’s the plan 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday.

1 thought on “Finding Inspiration In The Yorkshire Dales.

  1. maryloulaberge

    What beautiful scenery. I love those stone walls. They are so intricately built and have lasted through centuries. The stone barns are going to be around for a long time. Sadly many of our (USA) stick built barns are no longer standing. I’ve learned so much from you as you post photos of your travels.


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