It’s time to build a winter nest

I’ve had the trail camera out in the top of the garden, Spikey has started building a nest for the winter in the new hedgehog box. Also there are a couple of surprise visitors so watch to the end.

I wish I was putting the finishing touches to our home and feeling cozy but we are still living on a building site, by next weekend I should have a working kitchen again so it’s making progress.

Enjoy the video!

3 thoughts on “It’s time to build a winter nest

  1. maryloulaberge

    Watching spikey is soooo interesting. I love seeing how these little critters live. I’ve read about their life in the hedgerows but nothing compares to seeing the real life video. Thank you so much Jilll! ❤️❤️❤️What a thrill to see this! Thanks xxx

    1. eganj1 Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed watching Mary Lou. I think getti g the trail camera has opened up a whole new world of the garden at night. We have so much wildlife that you rarely see


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