Looking At Trees

I’ve been waiting eagerly for the leaves to fall from the trees so I could get some photos of bare trees and branches for an artwork I started a few months ago.

I took an online course with Fibre Arts Take 2 ; my second course, this one was a collage course with Cordula Kagemann. I’m still not finished this wonderful course but as I have lifetime access it’s not a problem. I like to keep dipping in and out of courses, that way I don’t feel rushed and I absorb things better.

I wanted to produce 2 round canvasses to hang in a particular place, one happened quickly, it was based on a wet and muddy walk around the moss.

The theme for the final piece is “Reflection”. As I walk along the river I often think about William Wordsworth, who as a boy would have walked this path. There are a couple of large trees that I love, I wonder if Wordsworth gazed upon them as saplings.

Armed with a ball of wool I set to and measured the girth of the trunk and tied a knot.

When I got home the circumference in cm was divided by 2.5. I realise that I was wrong, the trees were to young. But hey they are still beautiful and Wordsworth often comes to mind walking along the river bank.

I decided to add sometext from ‘The Prelude’ to the piece, he mentions playing by the river as a child.

Here’s my finished piece “Thoughts on Wordsworth”.

I am enjoying this course immensely, collage is new to me and I enjoy using recycled ephemera in my art and I’m happier using acrylic paint on the gelli plate as it uses far less and is easier to clean up than brushes, with less to cause pollution.

I’m thinking of doing some travel themed pieces next.

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