The Week In Between.

What have you been up to this week? It’s felt quite odd this week between Christmas and New Year for several reasons ( no family here because of covid, house still not finished etc.)

I’ve tried to make the most of it by indulging myself with the simple pleasures. We have managed a walk most days, it’s been quite mild for this time of year. I seemed to make a few sheep friends with every field I crossed, but I had nothing for them to eat.

I always love to have book gifts at Christmas, this year I am enjoying reading The Thursday Murder Club, I think the second book is even better than the first. Also some willow weaving books which is my new skill to learn in 2022.

I finally got my new oven installed just before Christmas so I have done some baking.

Blueberry and coconut cake from the Bero Book.

Also my Gran’s wartime ginger cake which happens to be vegan, you can find the recipe here.

Hercules ( my sourdough starter ) has been working hard, I’ve baked bread every other day.

I’ve tested the warming drawer, I had a double oven before but the small oven rarely got used except for warming plates. Apparently you can slow cook in the warming drawer but I’ve yet to try this but I have been doing the final prove in it.

I’ve not had a proper oven for a while so I’ve had to bake my bread in the small oven until now. The crust usually burnt and I didn’t get much oven spring so I was really pleased with this loaf.

There have been various rolls too, these were for bacon sandwiches on Christmas morning and turkey stuffing dips, for our traditional Christmas day breakfast and supper.

Sourdough really doesn’t take much effort to make but it does take time. I prepare it in the afternoon, leave overnight to rise then shape and give a final prove before baking in the morning.

These are rye bread rolls, perfect with the Christmas smoked cheddar cheese.

Then there were stottie cakes with ham and homemade pease pudding, a north east culinary delight.

I got a Ninja 9 in 1 when I thought I might not have my oven in time for Christmas and I have to say I’m loving it. As there were just the 2 of us and no time plan for Christmas day dinner I decided to cook the turkey crown in it and it was perfect. Just 15 minutes pressure cook, 15 minutes to come back down then 20 minutes air crisp.

Also turkey soup using the pressure cooker function. It’s now my number 1 kitchen gadget.

Now I need to find out what happens next with the Thursday Murder Club.

I hope you are having a relaxing week, it’s good to recharge the batteries now and then. I’ll see you next year 🙂

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