A Bit Of Sunshine In Lanzarote

January is quite a bleak month so some time ago we booked a holiday in Lanzarote for a friend’s special birthday thinking things might have settled down on the Covid front. When the time came I was a little apprehensive about going but there comes a time when you have to get on with life, and we are fully vaccinated.

Once we were at our hotel I wasn’t so concerned as it was only 20% occupied and masks and hand sanitising were everywhere.

The temperature was perfect at 20C as we don’t like it too hot but it was warm enough to sit by the pool and do some crafts. I took a needle felting and an embroidery kit with me. I found these just perfect for lazing around the pool.

There was some exercise too with a walk along the coast from Playa Blanca to Papagayo. Firstly along the promenade to the Rubicon marina then on towards Castillo Coloradas.

We continued walking past the hotels and along a beach until we reached a cliff which we had to climb, this was the most difficult part of the walk but not too bad holding onto the wall along the edge of the hotel grounds. Once you are up the cliff the walking is fairly easy over a volcanic landscape with little vegetation. You drop down to three beaches, Playa Mujeres being the first, then Playa Del Pozo before reaching Playa Papagayo with it’s little clifftop bars and eventually the Punta with views along the coast and towards Fuerteventura.

We experienced the Calima for a few days which gave us the chance to go out in a hire car and visit parts of the island we hadn’t seen before.

Mirador Del Rio with it’s breath taking view of La Graciosa, as well as the hair raising drive with many hairpin bends.

I loved Teguise, the oldest town on the island, some of the buildings date back to the 1400’s, I loved the old buildings and the peeling paint on the doors and shutters. Also the craft shops had a good selection of handmade glass, ceramics and jewellery, I couldn’t resist buying a few items.

Unfortunately no amount of mask wearing and hand sanitising has kept me from catching something while we were away. I am hoping it’s just a cold ( sore throat and fever) but I have a Covid test to do later today.
Update: I just got my test results and it’s not Covid. 😊

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