A week of eating squash!

I was gifted a couple of squash and I received one in my weekly veg box so squash has been on the menu all week.

Monday – Butternut and borlotti bean soup.

This isn’t the best looking soup ever but it hit the spot in terms of comfort food. The weather has been terrible so a good heart warming soup was called for. I made it in my Ninja 9 in 1. I buy dried beans, soak then pressure cook them, these are frozen so I always have beans on hand. I love the texture of borlotti beans. The butternut squash was cut up into large pieces, skin on, then roasted in a little oil with onion, garlic (4 cloves left whole), and rosemary. I roasted them for about 25 minutes. Once they had cooled a bit the squash was peeled and chopped, onions chopped, garlic squeezed out of their skins and the sprig of rosemary discarded. Then they were added back into the pot with the beans, stock cubes, water, pepper and pressure cooked for 5 minutes. I liquidised about a third of the soup and put it back in the pot to give a lovely velvety texture. I served it with a slice of toast and melted Lancashire cheese.

Tuesday – Squash and chickpea curry.

As I was going out shopping then to the gym I needed something that would sit all day cooking in the slow cooker. Curries are always good comfort food to come home to. This one has onion, garlic, ginger, pumpkin, tinned tomatoes and chickpeas. I used spices from The Spicery but I could have used a combination of Indian spices or even a curry paste. I stirred a bit of yoghurt in it just before serving.

Wednesday – Butternut, brussel sprout and bacon tray bake with a fried egg.

If I’m honest this didn’t really do it for me as the sprouts were very strong, I do like sprouts but if I make this again I would par boil the sprouts with the squash before roasting.

Thursday – Butternut and bacon pasta.

This pasta dish was heavenly, it was like a healthier version of macaroni cheese, we all loved it. The squash was roasted with some garlic cloves, cooled and peeled, then blended with some low fat cream cheese, pasta water, seasoning, paprika, and chilli powder to make a silky smooth sauce. We had crispy bacon on top for a bit of salty crunch. I feel squash needs something salty like bacon or cheese, or both.

Friday – Butternut, leek and sage risotto.

I followed the instructions in the Ninja 9 in 1 cookbook for mushroom risotto only substituting the mushrooms for roasted diced butternut and chopped leeks. I made it really cheesey. I was dubious if risotto done in the Ninja would be a success ( pressure cooked) but it had just the right texture. I will make arancini balls with the leftovers and air fry them in my Ninja.

Saturday- Tonight it’s the leftover squash curry with flatbreads.

Sunday- will be the 7th day of squash, I will make roasted root vegetables, with squash to go with our roast beef dinner. There may be a little squash left over but that will go into a soup for lunch one day next week. It’s been a cost effective week, and no wasted squash.

How do you like to cook squash?

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