Ecoprinting throughout the year – December

I can’t believe I have been sharing my ecoprinting experiments with you each month for a year now.

Today I’m trying out ways of getting leaf prints when there’s not much fresh foliage around. I have some dried leaves and onion skins, frozen and fresh cotinus to compare, and some fresh leaves which can still be found in my garden.

If you want to see my ecoprinting posts for the rest of the year type “Ecoprinting throughout the year” into the search box.


Pot – New roasting tin.

Water – Tap water with vinegar.

Paper – watercolour paper.

Mordant – alum acetate

Leaf dip – rust water

Plants – Cranesbill geranium, fresh, dried and frozen cotinus, dried fern, onion skins, and fresh eucalyptus and geranium leaves.

Cooking time – 40minutes, turned, 40 minutes.

Blanket -Procion dye blanket used with fern.


Conclusion – Cotinus prints from dried and frozen leaves have some blue from their undersides but the fresh leaves have no blue. Onion skins give good colour and some interesting effects. The geranium leaf and eucalyptus printed quite well but not as strong a print as other times in the year.

I can’t believe my year long eco printing project has come to an end. I will be continuing to eco print as I find the process fascinating and I will keep you informed if I get any great results.

I hope you have enjoyed my eco printing journey, I will make a page with links to all the ‘Ecoprinting throughout the year’ posts, you will see a link at the top of the screen or just use the search box on the right.

I have a bonus post coming soon.

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