Finding The Light

During the long dark days of winter I look for ways to find pleasure in small, everyday things, to let the light in.

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to RHS Bridgewater . This is not the time of year I would normally visit gardens but it didn’t let me down. Seeing the ‘bones’ of the garden, an amazingly moody sky and also a few remaining hints of Autumn colour was very inspirational.i

I have been thinking how wonderful these gardens must be with a mantle of frost this past week.

I hope to use these photos as inspiration for some new experimental work in the new year, if my mojo ever return.

1 thought on “Finding The Light

  1. Mireille / Mimi

    Ur photos are amazing! So glad I stumbled upon ur blog. Just learning about eco-printing and ur
    recommendation about safety issues popped up. As it is a completely mew topic for me, I was a bit surprised to learn that something with the prefix “eco” involves health risks and potentially high energy consumption…
    Looking into alternative methods, including one suggestion in FB that mentioned using plastic bags (😔) and leaving them in the sun for several days…. Of course, that might be tricky as it’s weather dependent, especially where I live at this time of year.


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